A revolutionary new option for managing symptoms of chronic lyme disease.

“I struggled with symptoms of Lyme for many years,
and after using Waveforce's system, along with detoxing and diet changes, I literally got my life back. I feel great now and enjoy a pain-free, symptom-free life.”

Chanelle Biggan
Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

A unique protocol designed to ease the symptoms of chronic Lyme disease.

LymeFRE features a powerful new wearable frequency device plus a specially formulated liquid tincture. It's a revolutionary non-invasive approach to helping people manage symptoms of chronic Lyme disease.  

The LymeFRE wearable's patent-pending action uses coloured LEDs to promote overall wellness, plus white LEDs to deliver frequencies believed to disrupt the normal function of bacteria and pathogens associated with chronic Lyme disease. 

These lights combined with the remedy drops aim to supercharge the immune system and stimulate lymphatic drainage, the body's process for flushing out toxins and cellular waste. 

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LymeFRE wearable device
LymeFRE on a woman's wrist

Priced at (US) $2000

Available Fall 2016

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“I struggled with symptoms of Lyme for many years, and after

using the LymeCare emitter, along with detoxing and diet changes, I literally got my life back. I feel great now and enjoy a pain-free, symptom-free life. I continue to eat well, exercise daily and now have a healthy, pain-free body and clear mind. I will always be grateful to Stuart and his team.”

Chanelle Biggan

Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Certified Professional Trainer, Victoria BC

“I suffered with chronic Lyme disease for 12 years.

I passed Lyme onto both my sons during pregnancy. We have all had many challenges over the years due to having this disease. Today we are all healthy and thriving, and have been for more than one year. I have my life back and my kids get to be kids again.”


Vancouver Island BC

“After one year of treatment, I have successfully treated Lyme

disease and three separate co-infectors, as well as a myriad of various viruses and parasites, and my sons have had various experiences of the same thing. I can honestly say that I have more energy and less pain than I have experienced in a very long time.

And the joint pain, brain fog, nerve pain and long list of other symptoms that have plagued my sons in different ways, are all subsiding and their bodies are beginning to find ways of functioning beyond just coping day to day

I would encourage anyone who has experienced chronic illness to explore the world of frequency treatment, as it has been a very eye-opening, empowering, productive, and hopeful journey in our experience.”


Sunshine Coast BC

“I was introduced to the Waveforce device for my Lyme disease

in November 2012. I remember feeling ‘things’ moving around, mainly across my abdomen while using the device. I also experienced some nausea at first remember being very tired. The first improvement I noticed was alight increase in energy after a few weeks use.

After 3 months I was totally free of my generalized muscle pain which I had experienced for over 4 years. Moving and walking without pain was like miracle.

Today I am still working on healing some of the damage left from Lyme, as this can take some time, but I am back doing activities like hiking and gardening. I have my life back.

It was simple, inexpensive, and the only thing that worked, as I had tried many different protocols / treatments with Alternative & Western Medicine. I highly recommend it.”


Okanagan BC

“I was introduced to Waveforce in 2014 after having battled Lyme

since 2007. I was shocked to experience such a drastic and rapid improvement in my condition after having exhausted so many other fruitless treatment protocols. Within a couple of months my energy had increased dramatically, and my other symptoms continued to fade away from that point on. I have my life back and am happier than ever!”


Santa Monica CA